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"Artist train themselves to really look at the world around them.  And they don't see through everybody else's frame of reference.                                 They discover their own unique vantage point and then express what they've seen in creative ways." 
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Jennifer & Melissa
[email protected]
Jennifer's STATS (the "J" in JAMART)
  • Mom to Chelsea and Meghan, plus Kirby, FinnMollyFigaroWhisper, Indy, Navarre, Armond, Agadore, Adrian and Hannah
  • Born in New Jersey but raising the family in Pennsylvania
  • Goes through ten gallons of paint a year - if it doesn't move she'll paint it.
  • Loves creating wall art, interior decorating, stenciling and sketching.
  • NEVER without her camera.
Melissa's STATS (the "M" in JAMART)
  • Owner of Ron and his siblings:  Benny, HermioneGinnyEdward and Esme
  • Back to being a Jersey girl, although she prefers the Big Apple
  • Is on a plane to see the world every chance she gets
  • NEVER without her camera
Kirby's STATS
  • American Quarter Horse
  • Born March 20, 1995 with the registered name Goldseeker Ranger
  • Son of a King - King Airs Ranger
  • Great all-around horse - but passionate about Dressage
  • Favorite foods are Fruit Loops and peaches
Favorite quote:  "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got." ~Sheryl Crow
Favorite quote:  "There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse."
  • Born August 6, 2003 in our parents' barn
  • He is the king of the household
  • Favorite foods are Cheez-its, scrambled eggs or Gram's famous shredded beef and noodles
  • Our Ron crossed the rainbow bridge on Christmas Day 2016 ~ he inspired many of our prints and he will be missed always XO
Favorite quote:  "There is not a shred of evidence in favor of the idea that life is serious."  
                                                                                                                            ~Brendan Gill
Favorite quote:  "In ancient times, cats were worshipped as Gods; they have never forgotten this."
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Our philosophy is simply to capture the unique spirit of your children, family, pets or special occasion.

We created JAMART (Jennifer and Melissa's ART) as an expression of ourselves and our photography.

We Love Art ~ any style, any medium, any size ... bring it on!  We believe that everyone needs a little bit of sparkle in their life.  Whether it is modern art that make you smile (Melissa's crazy collection of cat portraits!) or classic art that makes you think (Jennifer's collection of Leonardo Da Vinci prints).

Jennifer is definitely the super artistic one - the painter, the photographer, the decorator.
Melissa is our idea gal - the copywriter, the marketer (though, she can hold her own with a camera!)

We hope you take some time to enjoy our photography and with it ~ 
spread a little glee, feel inspired or maybe just LAUGH OUT LOUD!

In 2008, we expanded our business to include a beautiful, inspiring collection of Art Photography Cards & Prints. They are perfect for gift giving ~ it's like giving two gifts in one ~ a card & a print ready for 5x7 framing.

There is always something NEW from JAMART Photography!
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